UPDATED: September 2022 Stanford’s list of Top 2% most influential scientists in the world

Stanford’s 2022 updated list identifies the top 2% most influential scientists in the world, overall and in each field of research. It was issued for the first time with 2019 data and now the list has been updated.

The team uses a new methodology that uses a wide range of parameters, instead of using only number of citations/H-index, that tends to favor very senior researchers and large research groups where publications are shared and mass produced, indirectly promoting production (large number of papers) over quality and impact. Here, parameters such as number of single authored papers, total cites to single authored papers, number of first authored papers, etc. are evaluated.

I am proud to appear in the list for the third time, since its first publication, and in all the updates!

#FluidDynamics #FluidMechanics #FluidStructureInteraction #Bio-inspiredDesign #RenewableEnergy

Databases can be found at:


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